Anthroporium announcement


At last

At last I’m finally announcing Anthroporium ! If you haven’t heard of it yet, you can go to the main site :

It’s been a while since I didn’t work on the game itself since I had almost no time this year.

But now I’m back at it, found some part time work as freelancing which allows me to spend time on it again. And so the first step was to announce the game !

It’s been two years already that the project started, and I’m pretty happy with the result so far. Of course there is still work to do to have a playable alpha !

Next steps

So here are the next steps for this project :

  • Bringing a community of players interested.
  • A Co-creation platform : this platform will allow users to propose and vote ideas for the game. I think it’s a nice thing to have because I saw too many times good ideas that people proposed on Discord getting lost (as Discord is not really good for long term storage).
  • Releasing an alpha version : this alpha will be the occasion for players to test and give feedback about the game.

Also, parallel to this, finding financing for the game will be another long running task that should take some time. As for now I’m assuming the cost of development by working part time on other projects.

So that’s it, I will make some blog posts more often (not too difficult as I posted one time in two years !).

You can chat always with me on Discord

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